White House by Robert Scoble / CC BY 2.0 / Modified from original
Thank you for visiting my Presidential website.  Though I may not have made it on the ballot this election, it has been a great learning experience.  I hope you will still take the time to review the “Issues” section, as I believe the discussions contain a great deal of useful information. 

Though I am undecided on running again in 2020, in the meantime I will continue to manage my clients’ investment accounts at Bluefin Investments.  I hope you will consider opening an account with us!

-Brian Russell

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to view this website.  My name is Brian Russell and I am concerned about the direction of this country.  For this reason, I am running for President of the United States in the 2016 election.  

I am a small business owner who believes in a common sense, financially responsible government.  Strong on foreign policy and social issues are better decided at the state level. 
On this site you’ll find more information about me, along with my stance on a variety of topics and resources to support that view.  Additionally, you’ll find comments on recent headlines, both in support and critical of various policies.  You can automatically follow these comments by following me on Twitter or Facebook, seen right.  

Currently, a lack of time and resources prevents me from extensive marketing or campaigning.  This makes word-of-mouth very important, so please share this website with your friends and family.  Additionally, I am open to feedback, input, and guidance from anyone willing to offer it.  Contact information can be found in the Contact section of this website.  Thank you.